About Us

Who We Are

Apropos Business Solutions is a black empowered and dynamic business consulting company focused on defining effective IT solutions that enhance business performance. This is achieved through the quality professional IT services we offer, with expertise in Business, Systems Analysis & Design and Project Management.

Our Expertise

Our solutions are collaboratively designed with our clients to enable them to achieve their operational and strategic objectives. We are passionate about enabling business to achieve its goals because this creates a thriving business climate in which all can flourish. We believe in leveraging technology to give business a leading edge.

Company Background

Apropos Business Solutions has a team of experienced and well qualified consultants with impressive CVs who have been in the consulting space and have designed effective business solutions for over 10 years. The team’s experience draws on almost every sector of the economy. This enables Apropos Business Solutions the unique ability to leverage off an impressive set of capabilities and pool of skills to deliver the right solutions that adequately address business needs.


Meet Our Directors

Lungile Mdletshe


Lungile holds an Honours degree in Information Systems and Economics from Rhodes University. She has extensive experience in consulting to big corporations in South Africa, well qualifying her to advise on relevant and practical solutions that address business problems.

Her combination of IT and business experience have positioned her to understand business drivers and how to utilise existing and emerging technologies to deliver business performance. She has a passion for business strategy, designing practical solutions, and using the power of technology to improve business performance.

Her simple belief that every problem has a solution and one just has to commit to finding it has been her highest motivating factor to seeing businesses achieve success. She believes that the key to long-term business success, is fostering a culture of learning and self improvement applied from the individual to the organisational level. Her guiding principle is that, “we should never become complacent with current success or be defeated by current challenges, we must always be learning from our past and improving ourselves to achieve future success


Zinhle holds a bachelor of Social Science Degree from Rhodes university as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. She began her career in the recruitment field as a researcher at a global executive search firm. Her passion for human capital management lead her to start and successfully run her own recruitment agency.

Zinhle’s extensive exposure in the recruitment industry has given her a unique perspective on talent management, what motivates people to perform, and the tools required to optimize human performance. She has honed her ability to understand the skills and competences required to deliver business performance. Zinhle is an optimistic personality, full of zeal and enthusiasm about human performance and this is evident in her guiding principle of “we can do more and we can do better”.