Success Stories

Improved Processes and Central Issue Tracking System help Global Finance Division reduce financial losses and customer complaints

The finance division of a global IT firm was experiencing a high volume of internal customer complaints and frustrations due to inefficient operational processes. These complaints were not recorded or monitored and there was no clear ownership for each issue. They were also experiencing financial losses as some high risk processes did not have appropriate controls to flag concerns and address them proactively.

We conducted a Gap Analysis to delve into the detail and uncover all the inefficiencies, problems and areas of concern.  We then defined the desired future state addressing the problems that were being experienced. New processes were also identified that were necessary for the improvement of the department operations. Once the future processes were defined, we determined the necessary changes to job functions and staff behaviour in order to implement these. We then trained the staff on the new processes and implemented them.

We also implemented a central electronic Issue Tracking system to ensure that frustrations experienced by customers were recorded and categorized, thus allowing measurement and impact analysis of a particular problem. This also allowed the division to determine the appropriate intervention required to address the frustration.

The end result was a significant improvement in the functioning of the division. The solution also improved their ability to anticipate financial losses and take the necessary corrective action to prevent them.

Further, the solution provided the added benefit of creating better understanding and ownership amongst the staff of their particular functions and responsibilities. They gained a better appreciation of the impact of inefficiencies to the whole department and the importance of their function.

Effective Project Management to ensure Delivery of a New Hospitality System

An international hospitality company procured a new hospitality management system in order to increase internal efficiency in their operations and improve compliance with government regulations for the management of customer information in one of their regions.

We were their preferred implementation partner, specifically managing the delivery of the project and managing diverse and distributed stakeholder with a US based software vendor. Apropos established the appropriate project structures to ensure the required direction and drive to successfully implement the project. A limited budget and payments to the vendor in foreign currency meant effective project management was a critical component to the success of the project.

Apropos brought project management expertise to structure the engagement, ensure transparent and accurate reporting and decision making, provide effective budget management and management of the project resources to deliver against the project plan.

We were highly recommended on our project management capability. The client was very satisfied with the governance and direction of the project. The project had the right direction and drive with the team focused on the right activities to deliver results.  Risks and issues were appropriately raised and addressed within the project governance structures to ensure the right decisions were made at the right time.

Improved website layout design and a seamless user experience for online bookings

The marketing division of an international hospitality company was losing revenue due to an inefficient and slow performing website with limited capability. They also wanted to get to know their customers better and create opportunities to attract new potential customers through their website.

Internal complaints included, but were not limited to; creating and updating brochure type web pages that can be distributed to multiple websites and supporting online reservation system database. They were also experiencing financial losses as some external users were not willing to manage their bookings directly through their website.

We brought a structured approach to analyse the new website platform they had acquired in order to ensure that they optimised its true value in addressing their immediate needs and exploit opportunities to meet their strategic objectives outlined in their digital marketing strategy.

The real value delivered by Apropos was in being able to translate their strategic objectives of the digital strategy into practical solutions that were driven through their enhanced website offering. This was achieved by applying an agile approach to identify and continuously implement incremental pieces of functionality and the supporting business processes to improve the website.

The result was a significant increase in revenue generated through online channels, improved insights in customers from the collection of better and more accurate customer information and a significant increase in traffic to the website.

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